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PDO Max Threads for Facial Enhancement at any age!

PDO Thread-Lifting is now offered at New Skin Medical Spa in Augusta! 

Have you been thinking about improving your facial features but do not want surgery? PDO Max Threads could be the answer. PDO Max Threads represent the latest in cutting-edge, FDA cleared threads to lift and tighten aging skin, and to contour, define  and enhance facial features. Developed after years of research, white papers, certifications, and an in-depth understanding of the beauty sciences, PDO Max threads offer the safest, most effective solution possible. Dr. Sherman was on the search for nonsurgical options to enhance facial features and turn back the clock of time, which is why he recently invested in Facetite and PDO Max Threads.  Thread-Lifting is one of the top solutions to enhance facial features no matter the age.  Dr. Sherman opted for  PDO Max Threads because the company was among the most respected and their threads among the safest options available in the US. 

Here’s just a few of the areas commonly treated with PDO Threads:

  • Eyebrows
  • Glabellar & inner Eyebrows
  • Under-Eye area
  • Cheeks
  •  Jowls
  • Marionette Lines
  • Nose
  • Smoker’s lines (mouth lines)
  • Lips
  • Chin
  • Jawline
  • Neck

What are PDO Max Threads made of? What is PDO?

The “PDO” in PDO Max Threads stand for polydioxanone—a biodegradable, synthetic polymer already widely used in the medical field. Polydioxanone is a popular choice for sutures thanks to its remarkable tensile strength, flexibility, and durability.

As cosmetic implants, PDO Max Threads aren’t typically resisted by patients’ immune responses. Similar to its usage in sutures, PDO threads don’t send up red flags to the body.

Are PDO Threads safe?

 Most PDO Threads are absolutely safe, just be sure that the physician you chose offers threads that are FDA cleared. PDO Max has gone to every length and every extreme to ensure the utmost safety of the thread lineup. In no certain order, PDO Max Threads hold the following safety certifications:

  • FDA Clearance
  • ISO 13485 Certification
  • MDSAP Certified

How long do PDO Threads last?

Depending on age, treatment area, number of threads used, lifestyle and a variety of other factors, results can last 1 year or longer.
The average expectation should be 12-18-months. Ask Dr. Sherman for specifics related to your case at your consultation.

PDO Threads are enjoyed by men and women alike

As one of the safest medical devices available on the market today, our PDO Max Threads represent the leading, minimally-invasive treatment to restore indicators of beauty and health to the face.

Interested in threads? contact us today. 

 What is the downtime and how long before I see results? 

Downtime is minimal to none (3-5 days on average if any) and depends on the area treated and on the number of threads used. Some swelling and bruising may last up to a week or longer in some patients but this is rare because PDO Max threads allow Dr. Sherman to use a tiny cannula to keep bruising to a minimum.  Improvements can be seen right away and continue to improve over a 3-months period. Instructions to prevent excessive bruising will be provided by Dr. Sherman and staff. Remember not to take aspirin, don’t eat salmon and do not drink red-wine a few days before any minimally invasive procedure to prevent excessive bruising and swelling. 

Can PDO Threads be combined with injectables and other face enhancing procedures such as lasers? 

Yes, of course.  Depending on what areas are treated with threads and what other procedures you may be interested in, our staff will come up with the ideal treatment plan for you. Lasers should be completed a few weeks  to a month prior and RF treatments should also be completed prior to thread-lifting or several months after. HA Injectables can be combined with threads often in the same day, depending on areas treated. For example, if you have a PDO thread-lift of the lower face and neck, you could also have Botox and Lip Filler that day. 

If you decide on an Eyebrow lift  for example, or you want to treat your 11’s, you can still have your cheek filler or lip filler the same day, but Dr. Sherman would refrain from using Botox or any neurotoxin near the threads the same day. As a rule of thumb when committing to combination therapy stacking nonsurgical treatments within a month apart is a safe option. Of course you can continue with EMSCULPT NEO treatments anywhere on the body even if you’ve had threads, lasers or injectables. Request your appointment for PDO Threads online today. 

PDO Max Threads for women and men at any age - showing doctor assessing a woman's face to consider PDO Thread-Lift

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