Virtue RF Micro-Needling New Skin Medical August offers Vi Peel Skin Resurfacing and Rejuvenation treatment

Vi Peel: Unparalleled Skin Resurfacing Results!

VI Peel not your average peel!  

Vi Peel is a chemical peel and skin-resurfacing treatment  that can dramatically improve the overall quality of the skin by incorporating unique blends of minerals, vitamins, salicylic acidphenol, retinoic acid, and TCA. The peel helps to stimulate collagen and increases cellular turnover to reveal smoother more radiant skin.  We can treat acne, erase acne scars, lessen rosacea, even out skin tone, improve overall texture, shrink pores, reverse sun damage, and erase dark spots. Treatments are offered at New Skin Medical Spa in Augusta.

Before and after 3 weeks of receiving Vipeel by our Esthetician Sarah- New Skin Medical Augusta


Quick Overview 

  • Ranked as the #1 chemical peel
  • Safe for all skin types and ages (18-65+)
  • Treats all skin tones
  • Mid-depth pain-free peel

Our estheticians Melissa and Sarah offer this treatment on an appointment basis. Learn more about our estheticians. 

VI Peel now offered at New Skin Medical Spa in Augusta
VI Peel now offered at New Skin Medical Spa in Augusta

Ready to improve your skin?

VI Peel leaves your skin looking clear and radiant for months after. Combine it with laser treatments, injectables, and other beauty procedures to experience enhanced results.

What to expect?

 -erase fine lines and wrinkles

-shrink enlarged pores

-build collagen and elastin to help tighten skin

-reduce hyperpigmentation and even treat issues such as melasma

– yields impressive results for those with acne

Real patient before and after Vi Peel for acne - Image Copyright of New Skin Medical Spa
*Real patient before and after 1 Vi Peel for acne Patient will have 2 more peels for best results – Image Copyright of New Skin Medical Spa

Real patient before and after 1 Vi Peel to refresh skin and reduce redness - Image Copyright of New Skin Medical Spa
Real patient and esthetician before and after 1 Vi Peel to refresh skin and to reduce redness. Before and after 3 days, and after 10 days – *Image Copyright of New Skin Medical Spa

What is Vi Peel?

One of the most anticipated pharmaceutical-grade chemical peels to hit the market! Dr. Sherman offers the Vi Peel because of its unique and pain-free experience; a truly a next-generation chemical peel.

“Many A-list celebrities credit Vi Peel for their gorgeous, glowing skin. It has been featured as a beauty editor’s favorite treatment in many national beauty magazines, including In Style, Us Weekly, O The Oprah Magazine, and Life & Style.” 

How does this treatment work?

The peel creates micro-damage to the top layer of the skin, stimulating new tissue growth and causing the skin to peel. It offers a low discomfort through an anesthetic combined into the treatment!

Treat all skin types  and all skin tones

In clinical trials, Vi Peel proved affected on a variety of skin tones & skin issues. Regular treatments showed amazing results in the skin’s health; participants experienced glowing skin.

In Clinical Studies the peel showed improvement in increased blood flow to treated areas, decreased appearances of fine lines and wrinkles, increased collagen production, and even lessened visibility of crow’s feet.

Our recommendation

We have found that 3-4 treatments on average produce the best results and we recommend to speak to us about whether you are an ideal candidate for this treatment.  Combining Vi Peel with CoolPeel™ or Virtue RF micro-needling treatments can help to address specific skin concerns and help you reach your skin goals faster.  Book your consultation to determine the best skin-rejuvenation treatment plan for you! We offer same day consultations and treatments.

What you can expect

Patients can expect much fewer side effects with the Vi Peel due to its unique formula. The most common side effects include slight stinging when the peel is initially applied, (much like a sunburn) which is only temporary until the numbing kicks in. Your skin looks slightly tan & red afterward and may feel tighter. Some pigmentated areas may seem darker, and after about three days, your skin will begin to peel. After day six, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in the skin. There is no social downtime. Makeup should be avoided for a few days, then only apply mineral foundation if needed.  You want to avoid direct sun exposure as with any skin resurfacing treatment.

Post Vi Peel treatment care

-Moisturize skin  (Ask us about post treatment products)

-Use SPF 30 or higher on any treated areas every day.

-Avoid direct sun exposure for 6 days and especially on day three and four (when the skin is peeling)

-Continue skincare routine at home (if the products are not harsh and approved by our esthetician)

-About six days, you will begin to notice improvement in texture and tone.  Experience glowing, smooth youthful looking skin!

Vi Peel for skin resurfacing now offered at New Skin Medical Spa
Vi Peel is named as one of the ToP Peels on the market today!

Available at New Skin Medical Spa in Augusta

Book with one of our esthetician’s Sarah Lucius or Melissa Begley today.

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