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Discovery Pico Tattoo Laser Removal system in action at New Skin Medical Augusta

Effective Laser Tattoo Removal with the Discovery Pico Laser System

Say Goodbye To Unwanted Tattoos! Visit New Skin Medical in Augusta, Ga If you, like many of us have Tattoos you regret, we have an effective solution that can remove any tattoo old and new. The Discovery Pico Laser System is one of the most innovative new age European laser tattoo removal systems on the...

Before and after CoolPeel Laser Treatments

CoolPeel ™ Skin Resurfacing

Healthier & Younger Looking Skin is just a CoolPeel away!  Dial Down The Downtime With CoolPeel™  the Next Generation in Laser Skin Resurfacing CoolPeel has been on the market for just a few years and it’s making a statement. The capability to rejuvenate the skin, keep breakouts at bay, plump the skin and even out skin...


Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal with “Discovery Pico”

Experience Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal  The best method in Laser Tattoo Removal is now available at New Skin Medical Spa in Augusta, GA Treat even the deepest pigments! Discovery Pico offers Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal utilizes high peak power and short pulse durations to penetrate deep! Founded in Milan, Italy, the renowned beauty experts at...